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Atium Engineering serves the California Bay Area, as well as much of Northern California. We provide Electrical Engineering services for the built environment, including:

Whether it's a new, ground-up electrical distribution system, an addition, or a renovation, Atium Engineering can help provide for all current and future power needs for your building. Standing on more than a decade of expertise in design of medium and low voltage power systems, we are able to tackle any size system you can throw at us. As we strive for high efficiency in both energy usage and cost effective installations, we provide our clients with high performance buildings that don't break the bank.

  • Campus Power Distribution
  • Switchgear and Panelboards
  • Energy Efficient Transformers
  • Generators and Backup Power Solutions
  • Grounding
  • Controlled and Uncontrolled Receptacle Layout
  • Voltage Drop

Great lighting is crucial to both the energy efficiency of a building, as well as the usability of the space. To acheive proper light levels within each space while meeting the stringent requirements of the California Energy Code, Atium Engineering utilizes their knowledge of the latest developments in LED lighting technology, as well as advanced lighting controls systems, to provide perfectly lit spaces at the lowest possible energy usage.

  • Light Fixture Layout and Selection
  • Photometric Calculations
  • Emergency Lighting Layout
  • Daylight and Vacancy Sensor Layouts
  • Dimming Controls
  • Controls Integration (e.g. with AV systems)
  • Title 24 Energy Calculations

Modern communications systems enable a building's occupants rapid access to information and are quickly becoming one of the most critical systems within a structure. Building systems, such as EMS/BMS systems, digital lighting control systems, and even fire alarm systems are all utilizing data infrastructure for communications, leading to an increased need for reliability of the data network. Atium Engineering's expertise with designing robust telephone and data networks will ensure your project's success.

  • Gigabit (and Beyond) Copper Data Networks
  • Fiber Backbone Infrastructure
  • Analog and VoIP Telephony
  • Passive Networking Equipment
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP) Layouts
  • MDF/IDF Room Layouts
  • Reliable Battery Backup Solutions

Modern buildings offer many safety features to prevent and mitigate the spread of fire, but fires still occur. When they do, you will want to know that the occupants of your building, as well as the fire department, are notified immediately to prevent injuries. Utilizing extensive experience in both the private (high tech clients, spec. office buildings, private schools, and residential) and public (K-12 schools, higher education, and GSA) sectors, Atium Engineers has the knowledge needed to design a fire alarm system to protect both your building and it's occupants.

  • Detection Device Layout
  • Notification Device Layout
  • Battery and Voltage Drop Calculations (DSA Projects)
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Integration with Kitchen Systems (Ansul Units)
  • Integration with Smoke Control Systems

California is making great strides towards a net-zero energy future, and a huge part of that is the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. These systems can help offset part, or all, of a building's energy usage over the course of a year, and proper siting and sizing of the system is crucial to maximizing energy production. Atium Engineering can assist you with the design and layout of your PV system to make sure that you get the economic and ecologic benefits of producing your own energy.

  • Solar Panel Selection and Layout
  • Energy Production Calculations
  • Voltage Drop and Short Circuit Calculations
  • Riser Diagrams and Panel Interconnection Details
  • Coordination of Mounting Details with Architecture and Structure
  • Ground, Roof, Building-Integrated, and Carport Systems

In an increasingly digital world, communication between building users, as well as those in the outside world takes many different forms. Projectors, flat panel displays, voice lift systems, distance learning systems, streaming technologies, and recording capabilities are critical pieces of the building infrastructure to allow users to convey information in an effective, easy to use way. Atium Engineering works closely with end-users to determine the proper audio/visual system components required for each project. Whether it's an intimate classroom environment, a high-stakes executive board room, or an expansive convention center hall, Atium Engineering will work to provide a suitable system at a reasonable cost.

  • Output Device Selection and Layout (Flat Panels / Projectors)
  • Inputs to Accommodate Any Device (Laptops / Document Cameras)
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Controls Integration and Layout

Protecting occupants has been a critical part of designing the built environment. With effective security systems on premises, it can be easier for building owners to protect both people and property from a wide variety of potential points of intrusion. Atium Engineering's expertise in design of these systems will provide owners and occupants with the peace of mind that a secure building can offer.

  • Motion Detector, Door/Window Contacts, and Glassbreak Detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Digital Video Recording
  • Card Access and Keypad Entry Systems
  • Telephone and Video Door Entry Systems


Atium Engineering was founded in 2017 with the idea that the future of our planet lies not only in the sustainable construction of our buildings, but in the minds of the children who inhabit those buildings as well. Future leaders, florists, scientists, artists, creators, construction workers, zoologists, astronauts, fire fighters, and yes, even ice cream flavor creators, deserve to live, learn, grow up, and work inside buildings that they can be proud of.

We at Atium Engineering work every day to provide highly sustainable, energy efficient, well engineered buildings for our clients, and, most importantly, for our client's clients. Whether it's a small stepping stone of a temporary portable structure until the new classroom wing can be built at a school campus, or a brand new headquarters for a high tech firm, every project gets a fine attention to detail.


Dave Maino


Dave has worked as an electrical engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than a decade, servicing clients from K-12 public schools to high tech Silicon Valley firms. With a Bachelor's and Master's of Architectural Engineering, Dave has a unique perspective on the built environment. He takes a whole-building approach to the electrical systems to better understand the impacts to the building's architecture, structure, mechanical systems, and plumbing systems.


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Phone: 913.961.1658
Twitter: @atiumeng